About EP

The Eastern Post is not only a weekly in English but a collective mission of truth loving people to present itself as the true flag bearer of equality and peace in the world. The Eastern Post is a journal of the people, for the people and by the people. It is an honest and sincere effort to present the truth to our readers.

It is an irrefutable fact that the role of media has been that of the backbone in a democracy. It is difficult to have a democracy without the true and honest media informing and educating the people. Ultimate good in a free society can be attained only by knowing the truth, which can be attained by free dissemination of information and ideas. In a most outstanding decision the Indian Supreme Court has pronounced (M/S. Bennett Coleman vs. Union of India, 1973) that public criticism is essential for the working of democracy. And when there comes the matter of the world's largest democracy, the duty multiplies manifold.

It is a fact that the media has been performing its duty quite sincerely but at the same time there are instances when it failed to fulfill its obligations for being true and unbiased. There have been instances when it was expected that it will act more sensibly and maturely, but unfortunately it could not meet the expectations. And latest unfolding of events are directly pointing out to the fact that amongst all, the failure of media to be unbiased and truthful or its act of over sensitizing particular instances just to encash on public sentiments has resulted in the loss of both public lives and trust.

Thus, to ensure that no more such devastations are allowed to happen and to bridge the delicate gap between the truth and its truthful projection while considering the interest of public, The Eastern Post has risen with its modest beginning and has been successfully getting the response and warm support of illuminated minds for its humble and vital cause.

The Eastern Post firmly believes that differences should lead to dialogue, which in turn should lead to the opening of more novel and beneficial avenues which in turn can lead to a better world for all. Conflict id the pathway of evil and followed by those who want to fulfill their own mean interest even at the cost of the world peace.

The need has always been felt by the minority communities especially Muslims to have their own newspapers and journals in English where their voice and views can be projected. Many efforts were made from different part of the country and they have been successfully serving the cause. But the Eastern India was still to quench the same thirst. Thus, The Eastern Post, Voice of Democracy, was launched in Kolkata on 15th August, 2007, the day when India completed its 60 years long independent and democratic journey. It had a humble beginning but attained an appreciable growth with the passage of time. It is completely free from any political patronage or favoritism so as ensure that the truth is projected without any fear and pressure.

And if all goes well and we get the support of kind people Insha Allah, The Eastern Post would be a daily newspaper in near future fulfilling a great dream of millions of people.

Our Aims

✔ To report truthfully about events happening around the globe.

✔ To lend a voice to the minority communities, at all levels.

✔ To create awareness about the due rights of the weaker communities, especially Muslims.

✔ To unveil the negative propaganda and misinformation about Muslims and Islam, as well as against other minorities and weaker sections of our society by the negative forces.

✔ To guide the Muslim community towards a positive and constructive role to contribute to the development of a peaceful, strong and self-confident community, a democratic India and a free world.

✔ To pave way for a world which seeks to develop and prosper on the basis of dialogue and cooperation.