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Health precautions for monsoon: 7 tips to stay healthy this rainy season

You need to take precautions during monsoon to stay healthy. The change in the climate can affect your health, so here are some tips to follow during monsoon to stay healthy.
By Chethana Prakasan

We love the rains, the cool breeze and the cloudy sky during monsoon but the increase in the humidity can increase the chances of infections. You need to protect yourself against water-borne diseases, fever, stomach infection and other conditions. You can prevent many infections and diseases by following simple steps. Here are some tips you could follow to stay healthy and prevent infection during monsoon because prevention is better than cure.
1. Use mosquito nets and repellents
Malaria is the most common disease during monsoon. Since it is spread by female Anopheles mosquito, it is advisable to use mosquito net or repellent. Also try to get rid of any stagnant water as it is the breeding spot for mosquitoes. Empty out the garden pots, old containers and other items that retain water during monsoon.
2. Drink boiled water and lots of it
We tend to drink less water during monsoon as we are not really thirsty but your body needs water. Drinks lots of water and make sure that you are drinking boiled or purified water. This will lower the risk of waterborne diseases like stomach infection and diarrhea.
3. Avoid uncooked food and street food
It is advisable to avoid uncooked or street food because they may have germs and the chances of infection are higher during monsoon. Cook vegetables to kill the disease causing bacteria. Try to eat home-cooked food.
4. Avoid walking in dirty water
ry to avoid walking in dirty puddle during the rains as it is rife with infection causing virus and bacteria. If your feet get wet, change your socks and the footwear. Keep an extra pair of shoes and clothes in the office.
5. Take bath as soon as you reach home
Take bath when you reach home in the evening to protect yourself from infections. You can use Dettol or Savlon during your bath. Also, wash your hands and feet as soon as you reach your office to eliminate germs. You can also take vitamin C supplement to improve your immunity.
6. Avoid wet walls
Wet walls are the breeding ground for fungus and it can cause allergies and trigger asthma if you are asthmatic. Avoid going near a wet wall.
7. Eat healthy food
It is important to eat healthy to keep stomach infections at bay. Avoid eating street food, drink boiled water and follow a healthy diet to stay healthy and avoid infections during monsoon.