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Talaq in its right perspective

  The most disliked act by men on earth is talaq or divorce as visualized by Allah. Excerpt from the holy Quran:
"If the differences between wife and husband turned irrevocable, then it is the paramount responsibility of the relatives to sit together to find amcable solution of the impasse. If the prevalent condition remained in mess despite best efforts taken to resolve the crisis, then it is obligatory to dissolve the matrimonial relations by snapping the nikah pact between the belligerent spouse and it is termed as talaq.
There are some prerequisites that should be taken into considieration before pronouncing talaq. These are:
The woman should be in sterling condition against whom Talaq is delivered or it is treated as penal offence to divorce the spouse after having sexual bliss.
Man should be physically and mentally stable while snapping the matrimonial ties under the spurious condition talaq cant be entertained, rather turned null and void.
Talaq has different dimensions. Among them reconciliatory talk is permissible under Shariah as per my flight of imagination is concerned. The provision has been made under the above mentioned talaq is to provide the reconciliatory period or iddat during which both the husband and wife have right to reconcile their committed mistake and rectify the same to restore their conjugal life once again without going for nikah.
Simultaneously the woman has an edge over the man to bid adieu to her former husband by selecting new life partner under inevitable circumstances.
This time round talaq is more scientific and acceptable by providing chances to restore the healthy conjugal life by rectifying once mistake during period of reconcilitation. Allah likes the man who repents upon his committed mistake.
This is the only reason the time bound talaq is only enshrined path shown by the holy Quran.
Islam has flexibilities in her fold. It is a very accommodative and moderate religion which gives respect to women. It is the only versatile religion to provide safe asylum to the weaker sections of the societywomen.
Islam has elevated views for the women. The holy Quran recites women as harbingers of heaven. Heaven is under the feet of the women. It is irony of the fate that we the followers of Islam are ruthlessly suppressing the rights of women by distorting views of talaq. We cant deny the fact that we pursue the concept of male chauvinism a tool to dominate in the society. In a male dominated society it is the need of the hour to bring back the lost glory of womenfolk. A society trails when women trail. SO we should frame policies to bring women in the mainstream of national progress irrespective of ones religious affiliation. Every woman of India origin is Indian first, then a Muslim or Hindu.
In the light of the above discussion, let me say that triple talaq in a row is not justifiable when we talk about justice with women. This is rather an anathema which needs to be uprooted while taking the views of Muslim community in confidence. The literate politics of Muslim brethren should come forward to check this unfounded rather irrelevant system of triple talaq.
A. Azam, Kolkata