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An Enemy's attack on Indian Muslims' religion and secular democracy of India All India Muslim Personal Law Board has been one of the Muslims' representative institutions whose necessity and importance are not unknown to its Muslim brethren. As far as being a Muslims' representative institution is concerned there are various other organizations that claim to be the only institution which favors and looks up to the needs and requirement of Muslims, and when they are judged in regional or national level; they will not accept themselves smaller than any other such institutions. Oral recognition of united brotherhood is always heard from every nook and corner but when it comes to practically showcasing it, they are wanting in will which unfortunately leads to pity and despair. The Indian Muslims are not only the victims of inter-communalism and groupism but at the same time every group suffers from personal dejection and dissatisfaction; still substantially the All India Muslim Personal Law Board emerges as a platform which has the uniform subjugation from each and every group with different mindset. This board has members from almost all the Muslim communities and group which is why whenever the Board takes any step or decision, everyone in the whole of India accepts it. The President of this Board is Maulana Syed Mohammad RabeyHasaniNadvi of Darul-UloomNadvatul-Ulmaand its General secretary is Syed Mohammad Nizamuddin from Patna. The Chief of RahmaniOrganisation, Syed Mohammad WaliRahmani, was yesterday made Honorary General Secretary of this Board. He is experienced and pious, and under his leadership the Board is expected to work as a whole.
All India Muslim Personal Law Board came into existence in 1973 when constitutional laws were amended in order to implement uniform civil code. That was the time when all the Muslims stood against it and founded an institution taking members from all respective Muslim areas and communities. After Independence, this was the first timethat saw an exhibition of such a huge Muslim brotherhood against this act.
Indian Muslims are privileged to be in such a country which provides them with a secular state which gives them absolute freedom of Religion. This is the reason why the Indian Muslims live peacefully in this country as they are protected by constitutional rights. On the other hand, there are several non-Muslims who don't like to see Muslims being given such privileges. In their views, the Indian Muslims have got Pakistan as their share during the Independence. India is a Hindu country and everything that this country has belong to Hindus, so all the Muslims should either go to Pakistan, Bangladesh or any other Muslim country.
RSS has always been the frontrunner in staging objections and throwing hatred against the Indian Muslims. Before the independent India, they were quite active in Anti-Muslim protestations. RSS has its wings and branches throughout India. They believe that India is a Hindu country and whoever wants to live in India has to become a Hindu before enjoying any privilege offered by this country. In the history of India, this is the first time it has happened that RSS's affiliateBhartiyaJanta Party has won an absolute majority in the LokSabha. This is a good chance for the Hindu organisations and at any cost they will not let it go from their hands. The hidden organisations those who were conspiring covertly are now coming out with open agendas and plans. In order to achieve this goal they are marching forth and are putting their plans to execution to mete out their motifs.
The Indian Muslims are not just Muslims by religion but they consider themselves equally important as Indians. They will neither leave this country nor their religion as they find it (religion) and all its fundamentals of great significance. When they are told to leave this country and that their love for this country is not real, it perplexes their minds. The Indian Muslims have not come up from few races but they are Indians from thousands of years. The people who think of converting Muslims fail to realize that this won't happen in this part of the world. The Indian Muslims have neither come from outside nor will they go outside. It is a fact that communal forces are trying their level best to harass the Indian Muslims to the extent that they leave this country and they are doing this even at a constitutional level.
Those who have read the history of the people of different nations in general and the Indian Muslims in particular are aware of the fact that Indian Muslims are more sincere and obedient towards their religion. When it comes to following the principles and laws of Islam, the Indian Muslims are always at the front. Countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq and Iran look at the Indian Muslims with utmost reverence and respect. Under such circumstances if anyone tries to discredit the religion of Indian Muslims or pressurize them in accepting other than Islamic folds which contains strict disobedience against the Almighty, it becomes unbearable and intolerable to a great extent.
No sooner had theBharatiyaJanta Party come to power than itstarted demoralizing the spirit of the Indian Muslims and hurt their sentiments. SaraswatiVandana and Surya Namaskar are some of their tricks played recently. Actions like this from communal mindset will only lead to anarchy, and will only throw the glorious history of India into deep crater of hatred, and will only create disharmony and restlessness among its people. Their purpose to disown the Indian Muslims of their rights and privileges and not to let them practice their religion has also put into danger the peace of the nation.Not only are they trying to ruin the religious principles of Muslims but they are also stepping up the process of degrading the beautiful secular nation and in order to mitigate their influence, All India Muslim Personal Law Board has taken the initiative to make the people of country aware of their dirty tricks. As a representative institution, All India Muslim Personal Law Board has taken the step of launching a mass movement on "Safeguarding the Religion and Tradition of the Muslims". It is not a matter of concern for the Indian Muslims only but all of the secular minded people of this country, for when anything negative will happen they too will come under the guillotine. People who shout the slogan "Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaee, Aapas Me Hum BhaiBhai" will all feel the pain once it comes on the Muslims.They too will be puzzled. This movement is the sole need of the time. All the Muslims from different areas and groups should come under one umbrella and make this movement a success. Not only the Muslims but the people of different religions like Hinduism, Sikhism and Christianity should also come together and help so that these people are put under control and this country continues to flourish as a secular country.
(Translated by Shujauddin Ahmed)

Report Source : Dr. N. Sabah Ismail Nadvi