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Religion and politics

The world is burning. From the Middle East to Europe to India, there is a vicious cycle of violence, divisive politics and religious exploitation. The use of violence seems to be the means of solving the political and religious issues and disputes. In Europe, France is under attack from religious lunatics under the ideological and logistical patronage of the ISIS brigade. Paris and Nice have been the targets of these lunatics killing hundreds under the name of a religion that never sponsored violence in the name of God. Syria and Iraq have been burning for the last three years after the Arab Spring. A great part of the territory of these two countries has been crisis hit and people there have been hostage to suicide bombers, trigger happy militants and religious interpretations of self proclaimed caliphs. The entire middle east seems to have turned into a battlefield of militant tribes of the seventh century. In Burma, the Buddhists have been killing, torturing and meting out the worst kind of religious persecution to the Muslim minority though Buddhism prohibits the killing of human beings. In Pakistan, sectarian killings are a routine affair. Afghanistan and Yemen have also been the centres of unrest and violence. Recently, Turkey escaped a coup attempt but not without witnessing death and violence. A section of the military tried to dislodge the democratically elected government but failed. People hit the streets to save the government and their country from plunging into instability and confusion. Bangladesh is under attack from IS ideologues and militants. The religious militants caused bloodshed in the name of religion.
All this is result of the political ambitions of our political masters who have pushed the world to the edge of destruction. The Europe that discovered the concept of using the religion for political gains has now been tasting the fruits of their own political tactics. The demon of terrorism that they created has now turned on them apart from wreaking havoc in their target countries. Religion has become a hostage in the hands of politics and the nave masses have mistaken the distorted version of religion as the true religion. The political masters have been dividing the masses to fulfill their political and material ambitions. From Burma to Syria, religion is used for political gains and the ordinary people are fighting with each other killing one another without understanding the game of the politicians. As a result, millions of people have been misplaced turning them into refugees in their own countries. According to UN, around 60 million people have become refugees because of these conflicts. Out of them, 15 million children have been affected by the conflicts and wars. This figure is highest since the Second World War.
The wrong interpretations of religious teachings and xenophobic attitude of narrow-minded religious scholars have made religions pawns in the hands of reckless politicians with no sympathy for the humankind. As long as religion is used for political gains, humanity will suffer.